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How We Can Help?


Let Buzz Marketing reduce your workload and take the guesswork out of marketing your business.

We will tailor marketing support specifically for your needs and are available to assist sole owner or contractors through to medium-sized companies, for one off consultancy projects or customised monthly support.

We will design a package to suit your requirements & budget. We can:



We can help you:

  • Update your branding and logo including signs, posters, business cards and packaging.
  • Organise signage for outdoor marketing e.g. footpath signs, public and sponsored spaces, shop frontage, as well as vehicles.
  • Construct a new website.

Meet with Danni or Michelle once a month to plan promotions, then leave us to take care of everything!

Call us on 09 817 8217 or Danni - 021 777 700, to discuss how we can help your business!

OUR FANTASTIC TEAM – Danni and Michelle

Danni & Michelle

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