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How We Can Help?


Let Buzz Marketing reduce your workload and take the guesswork out of marketing your business.

We will tailor marketing support specifically for your needs and are available to assist sole owner or contractors through to medium-sized companies, for one off consultancy projects or customised monthly support.

We will design a package to suit your requirements & budget. We can:

  • Design, write and send email newsletters to your clients that link to your website.
  • Manage and update your website, Facebook, blog and online directory profiles.
  • Design, write and print promotional materials such as postal newsletters, flyers, brochures and postcards.
  • Co-ordinate with third parties such as printers, sign writers, photographers and advertisers on your behalf as required.
  • Provide media releases for local publications and promotional support for events.


  • Update your branding and logo including signs, posters, business cards and packaging.
  • Organise signage for outdoor marketing e.g. footpath signs, public and sponsored spaces, shop frontage.
  • Construct a new website.

Meet with Danni and Michelle once a month to plan promotions, then leave us to take care of everything!


"I knew what I wanted to do in my business, but was desperately looking for doing something different. Danni came to my life as a fresh breeze and changed it in a second with ease and grace. She helped me to find a special area where I feel authentic, experienced and professional. She also helped me to turn what I thought was a disadvantage to my advantage. Danni and Michelle are an amazing team who can bring the best out of you and your business by finding the most effective ways of promoting your services. Thank you for changing my life!" Angela Radosits, Essence of Europe - Event management

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