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 We carefully design marketing campaigns with a complete understanding of the message and target audience, without being wasteful of resources that your business can ill afford. 


Creative communication

Our Buzz team love a challenge. We think laterally for an innovative solution that connects customers to the business through creative communication. Clients may be in different industries, but their requirements are the same and their marketing needs are bound by limited resources. 

Marketing action

Through situational analysis, the development of a marketing action plan is a highly collaborative process. This results in a trusting relationship with Buzz Marketing clients, allowing us to establish and implement promotions, with honest communication being paramount.

Danni Barnes

Danni - Marketing Manager at BuzzDanni has a Bachelor of Business from Unitec New Zealand where she studied Innovation & Entrepreneurship, as well as majoring in Marketing. With a passion for assisting small & medium sized businesses with marketing, and the desire to work for herself, she made the choice to establish her own consultancy in 2010.

Signing her first marketing client before finishing her degree, meant Danni could develop processes to enhance her knowledge in very practical, on the job learning. She established expectations that were realistic and relevant for her clients, often throwing out textbook scenarios for more creative thinking. This lead to a direction that would become the essence of the RocketZone Marketing brand, to design, innovate & connect. The company rebranded in 2014 as Buzz Marketing to better reflect its services and aim of working with clients to 'create a buzz'.

Michelle - copywriter at Buzz


Michelle Douglas

Michelle produces high quality written material, providing direct marketing articles, e-newsletters, promotional copy and website content for our clients. She has also written scripts for radio advertising, customer surveys, retail policies, terms & conditions for promotions and interview questions for You Tube videos - the list is endless and clients love having Michelle's expertise available to them.

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Janina GaudinJanina - Graphic & Web designer at Buzz

Janina provides expertise in graphic design and web design, assisting with layout, typography and the overall look for both digital and print material. Previously she has worked with small businesses and startups to create their brand and online presence, and loves to take on projects from concept to the finished product.

Janina is able to analyse SEO, Google rankings, keyword strength and all other audit requirements to offer recommendations to benefit your website's performance.