About E-newsletters





One way to keep connected with your clients is to send regular email newsletters to let them know what's happening in your business.





For Buzz Marketing clients this is an incredibly easy process.

Enewsletters are a form of directing marketing, it is customer communication that includes news & promotions. We discuss ideas on content for regular enewsletters or automated email campaigns with you. Michelle writes the enewsletter, designs graphics, adds social media links & photos, with promos including any campaign terms & conditions. After you have approved the test we will send it to your database for you.


Get fresh content ideas

The following information can be included:

  • News such as staff updates, events, training and personal or professional achievements.
  • Feature articles highlighting services or products.
  • Promotions for the month, with a focus on rewarding retention, referrals and loyalty.


Professionally written copy

Tell your customers a story about new products and be interesting for the reader. A good piece of writing isn’t defined by a lack of errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation; it's writing that strikes a chord with your reader. When that reader is a current or potential customer, it’s important to get it right. Research is key! 

See the Face & Body e-news here.

Stress free communication

Michelle writes a draft version of the enewsletter which we send to the business owner to check and feedback any changes required. We load the completed e-newsletter onto MailChimp or any other e-mail system. We will also add a link to your Facebook page or website and measure the visitors clicking on the link.  

See The Career Academy enews example here.


Direct marketing message

Buzz Marketing finds out what our client wants to say, the result they would like to achieve and where the writing will be featured. We keep in mind the audience and how we want them to respond. We decide on the right tone; should it be casual, friendly, formal or professional? We then use this information to produce effective copy that engages the reader, reflects the culture of our client’s business, is appropriate for the medium and gets the intended message across.


Phone Michelle on 021 748 700 to chat about an e-newsletter for your business.


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