Add a revenue stream to your business


Add a revenue stream to your business

One of the challenges business owners face is maintaining a healthy cash flow.



Introducing affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you address this issue by adding an extra revenue stream.

Affiliate marketing is actually a simple process. You recommend a product to your clients, they purchase it using your affiliate link, and you receive a commission for every sale made using that link. One of the benefits of being an affiliate marketer is that you don’t have to stock or ship the products yourself, making it low cost to get started.

Improve your customers experience! 

Listen to your clients and make recommendations based on products they’ll be interested in, that will solve a problem they face, or fulfil a need they have. Any promotions you do should add value to your clients experience, and maintain the trust they have in you. Choose high quality products you can believe in, which complement the current products or services you offer.  Contact Danni for expert advice and to make a plan of action.

Gain success with our guidance

You’ll have greater success with some knowledge, planning and consistent effort. Include product reviews, before and after photos, details of measurable results, and descriptions of personal experiences (your or someone else’s) with the product in your social media posts and emails to your database.  Contact Danni to learn more!


Buzz Marketing have partnered with a reputable affiliate program that offers generous commissions, educational and marketing support, and high quality, innovative products.

 Are you motivated? Join our team!

Our marketing expert offers you website and planning support. 

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Danni Barnes

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Copywriting is a skill, benefit from Michelle's guidance
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Brand affiliate requirements

You should have an understanding of business, excellent planning and time management skills and realise the importance of being customer focused. Low set up fee and some initial time commitment. Further skills that would benefit your success include the ability to network, basic accounting, strong communication, self motivation and positive energy. 

Our commitment to you

We can show you how easily integrate affiliate marketing opportunities into your own business using our comprehensive business model with proven results, and the added benefit of a sales and marketing team. Free learning centre, guidance videos and structure. Earn profit from your first sale. There's no excuse, so why not get started today!