Your personal brand is your reputation



Building a Personal Brand



Branding should help you stand out and tell people what you stand for.

While a branding strategy is expected for businesses, it’s just as important to build a strong personal brand. Your brand is your reputation; it’s about establishing yourself as an expert in your field, building credibility and the experience people have when they interact with you. 

Tips for creating your personal brand

Be yourself

People want to connect with someone genuine so your brand needs to be an authentic reflection of who you are. Start by identifying what you believe, what you stand for, your areas of expertise and your strengths and weaknesses. These are the things that will define your personal brand.

Demonstrate your expertise

Don’t tell people how amazing you are, show them! Be generous with your hard-won expertise in person and social media; it creates trust and helps make you memorable.

Make sure to ask for testimonials from your best customers. People are much more likely to believe a satisfied customer than anything you may say about yourself.

Build genuine relationships

Make sure to focus on strengthening relationships rather than collecting likes and followers. Build a community of customers, colleagues, suppliers, mentors and influencers, and understand what their needs, dreams, goals and ambitions are, rather than telling them about yours. When you help people achieve their goals, they’ll recommend you to others.

Don’t be tempted to artificially boost your audience by buying a database or followers. This will give you a large but unengaged audience and undermines your credibility. Make real connections by finding your audience online and offline, including networking groups, then engaging with them.

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Testimonial for personal branding

"I knew what I wanted to do in my business, but was desperately looking for doing something different. Danni came to my life as a fresh breeze and changed it in a second with ease and grace. She helped me to find a special area where I feel authentic, experienced and professional. She also helped me to turn what I thought was a disadvantage to my advantage.

Danni and Michelle are an amazing team who can bring the best out of you and your business by finding the most effective ways of promoting your services. Thank you for changing my life!"

Angela Radosits, Essence of Europe - Event management 

Angela Radosits - Personal Branding