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Manage your online reviews

  The importance of customer reviews    Online reviews are a powerful influence on consumer behaviour.Allowing and encouraging people to review your business instills trust and gives a new customer the confidence to make a purchase. A US-based survey (BrightLocal 2017 Review Survey) found: 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 201785% of consumers trust online reviews just […]

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How to use hashtags effectively

   How to use hashtags so your content can be found   Hashtags are a great way to categorise your social media content and make it more easily discovered by your preferred audience.  While most people know what they are, they don’t know how to use hashtags well. Hashtags help social media users find relevant content and connect […]

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Marketing jargon explained

    Marketing jargon explained!    Ever sat there and wondered what on earth a marketing expert is talking about?Every industry does it; use jargon that the lay person doesn’t fully understand, or even understand at all! We want to help demystify marketing by explaining common terms in a way that anyone can grasp.   Marketing Glossary   AAlgorithm […]

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Good graphic design speaks volumes

 Graphic DesignGood graphic design visually communicates your brand and message to your audience.   People experiencing your brand for the first time are looking for a connection – they want to know whether your product or service fits with what they are looking for. Within a matter of seconds they will know whether they want to […]

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Stand out with professional photos

Professional photographyStand out from the crowd with fantastic images unique to your business.     If you’re serious about showcasing your business in the best possible light, the value of professional photography can’t be overestimated.Why is high-quality photography so important?Fantastic images are great attention grabbers. People will spend more time on your website if they like […]

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Branding is not just a logo!

 BrandingBranding can be described as what your company does and how it behaves.  Your branding tells your customers what you stand for. Perhaps it’s quality, innovation, value for money, good business ethics, eco-friendly products or fantastic customer service. Ideally your branding will promote a strong connection with your customers and encourage loyalty. How both customers and […]

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Google Analytics terms

     Understanding the terms Google Analytics help business owners learn more about customer behaviour on a website and whether Adwords are converting into sales.       Google Analytics terminology explained:Visits – The number of individual IP addresses visiting a site. The number of visits resets after 30 minutes, so one person visiting your site twice within […]

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