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How to use hashtags effectively

   How to use hashtags so your content can be found   Hashtags are a great way to categorise your social media content and make it more easily discovered by your preferred audience.  While most people know what they are, they don’t know how to use hashtags well. Hashtags help social media users find relevant content and connect […]

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Website Audit | What to do next | Content Planning

 Website content auditResearch to improve the customer experience onyour website, increase leads and encourage sales.  fa-google fa-gears fa-desktopfa-signal fa-cart-plusfa-check-square-o Order an audit of your websiteIs your business getting sales results? Do you know what’s not working & what to do? What’s humming? We will assess your current content: identify strengths and weaknesseslook for opportunities suggest improvementsoutline expectations Use experts to manage […]

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Marketing Message Brand Strategy

Develop a strong brand strategyTo get the most benefit from the time and money you invest in marketing, you need to make sure the right message is getting to the right people. Start by thinking about who you want to attract and what those customers want to see and hear about you, not about what you want to […]

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Write your marketing message

DAY 1: Improve your home page by making the images and copy very obvious and compelling, with a clear marketing message. To get the most benefit from the time and money you invest in marketing, you need to make sure the right message is getting to the right people. Start by thinking about who you want to […]

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Increase website traffic with SEO strategies

 Improve your website results with SEO strategies!Do you attract plenty of website visitors, but find that they’re not converting into customers or leads? Need to improve the visibility of your website in search engines? Want to outshine your competition? Contact us to discuss your SEO!   Search engine optimisation (SEO) SEO is used to increase the number of […]

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Marketing jargon explained

    Marketing jargon explained!    Ever sat there and wondered what on earth a marketing expert is talking about?Every industry does it; use jargon that the lay person doesn’t fully understand, or even understand at all! We want to help demystify marketing by explaining common terms in a way that anyone can grasp.   Marketing Glossary   AAlgorithm […]

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Use email automation to convert customers

   Email AutomationSo you’ve put in the work to attract people to your website and added lead generation opportunites to collect contact details.What do you do with them now?     Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.   Using email automation, we can set up campaigns to nurture and engage your leads, build relationships and […]

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Good graphic design speaks volumes

 Graphic DesignGood graphic design visually communicates your brand and message to your audience.   People experiencing your brand for the first time are looking for a connection – they want to know whether your product or service fits with what they are looking for. Within a matter of seconds they will know whether they want to […]

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Get more enquiries with lead generation

   Increase sales enquiries with lead generation     Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.    Add compelling interest to your website and attract potential customers. Nurture a relationship with them until they are ready to make a purchase.Why do I need lead generation? Today, most buyers spend time researching a product or service online before […]

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