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Customer database

The importance of a customer database     If you don’t collect customer information or if the information you have is hidden away in paper files, or hopelessly out of date, you’re not taking advantage of a valuable marketing tool. Successful businesses are great at customer retention because they know you get better results from […]

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Customer newsletter

     EnewslettersOne way to stay connected with your clients is to send regular email newsletters to let them know what’s happening in your business.      When it’s done right, email marketing enhances both the relationship and the experience your customers have with your business.   Successful businesses are great at customer retention because they know […]

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     What can we write for you?Use an expert for your copywriting. We can write your enewsletters, staff communications, website content, articles, checklists, audit reports, brochures & flyers.     Professional copywriting A good piece of copywriting isn’t just defined by a lack of errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation; it’s writing that strikes a chord […]

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  WebsitesBuzz Marketing specialise in creating new content and invigorating existing websites.    Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.   Building a successful websiteA website should feature information about your services & products. The design should reflect your brand and have lots of options to host marketing promotions. We can give your business the opportunity to grow by increasing focus in […]

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