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Customer communication



Customer communication


Communication is the cornerstone of human interaction. By effectively communicating with your customers you'll create stronger relationships, increase sales and get more repeat business and referrals.

Whether you’re speaking to customers in person or over the phone, writing to them by email or text, or adding content to your website and social media channels, your message or information must be easy to understand and act on. Above all, make sure you’re always authentic, honest and trustworthy.



Tips for better customer communication


Focus on the positive

Tell your customers how you can help them or make their lives easier, not what you can’t do or how inferior you think other products, or your competitors are.

Lose the jargon

Don’t leave your customers wondering what on earth you’re talking about; make sure to use words and phrases they’ll easily understand.

Get the tone right

Don't be too formal or too casual - we find chatty yet professional usually strikes a good balance. 

Stay in touch

Foster an ongoing relationship by asking for contact details and finding out what information your customers are interested in receiving from you. It could be appointment or maintenance reminders, new product or service information, promotion and sale announcements, or your expert advice.