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The Importance of Facebook Reviews




Since its introduction in 2013, Facebook’s Review feature has become a powerful influence on consumer behaviour.

Recent studies show that 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. (BrightLocal 2016 Review Survey) Facebook reviews can also boost the Google ranking for your Facebook page.

Ask for reviews in person or by adding a link in your e-newsletters or correspondence. You’ll find that many of your loyal customers are happy to sing your praises. Allowing and encouraging people to review your business instills trust and gives confidence to new customers, helping them make a decision to purchase.



Managing Facebook Reviews

Be responsive

Show customers you value their feedback by responding to their reviews. You can simply like a review but we recommend taking the time to comment and thank your reviewers, regardless of whether their review was positive or negative. 

Negative reviews can be useful!

A mix of positive and negative reviews can help people trust the opinions they’re reading. In fact, some suspect reviews have been faked or censored when there aren’t any negative opinions. While negative reviews can make the positive ones more believable, a bad review still needs to be the exception rather than the rule.

Managing negative reviews

Many business owners would like any negative reviews to be removed, however Facebook generally won’t allow this. The only exception would be if you can prove the review is written by a fake profile or the review doesn’t conform to Facebook Community Standards. To contact Facebook about a review, select the drop down menu on the right hand side of the review, then select Report post.

The best idea is to respond thoughtfully and promptly to a negative review, so others can see you are happy to fix any problems. Remain professional, admit your mistakes, correct inaccuracies and try to take the issue offline by asking for contact details or providing details so they can contact you. Once the issue has been resolved ask the person to update their review.

Turning reviews off

The Ratings and Reviews feature on Facebook is displayed by default when your page is categorised as a local business and has a physical address. If you want to disable the Review feature, go to Settings, General and Edit reviews. Select Disable reviews and Save changes. If you turn the reviews back on, all your previous reviews will still be there.