Google Analytics terms




Understanding the terms


Google Analytics help business owners learn more about customer behaviour on a website and whether Adwords are converting into sales. 





Google Analytics terminology explained:

  • Visits – The number of individual IP addresses visiting a site. The number of visits resets after 30 minutes, so one person visiting your site twice within half an hour counts as one visit, but the same person coming twice, two hours apart, will register as two visits.
  • Pageviews – The number of times individual pages have been viewed.
  • Pages/Visit – The average number of pages users view on a site.
  • Bounce Rate – The percentage of users that leave after viewing only one page. Note that other stat systems measure bounce rate based on the time period of the visit, so keep this distinction in mind if comparing stats between two different systems.
  • Average Time on Site – The amount of time users spent on a site.
  • New Visits – The percentage of first-time site visits.
  • Direct Traffic – Site traffic that arrives from a URL typed into a browser or from a bookmarked link.
  • Referring Sites – Websites that send traffic to a site by providing referral links.
  • Search Engines – Traffic that arrives at a site through search engine results.

Google Analytics terms