Graphic Design

Good graphic design visually communicates your brand and message to your audience.



People experiencing your brand for the first time are looking for a connection - they want to know whether your product or service fits with what they are looking for.

Within a matter of seconds they will know whether they want to find out more about your company. Therefore, your visual design needs to invoke trust and let them know they can expect to receive a quality product or service.

Good graphic design understands and reflects your brand

It is pleasing to the eye and uses design elements to give clarity to the information being communicated.

For digital mediums, good graphic design will consider the UX (user experience), for example it can enhance the ease of navigating your website. By giving visual cues, we can help your audience find information, or lead them to conversion.

What is the process?

The graphic design process starts once we have gathered all necessary information about you, your company and your brand. We may need to research your industry, competition and current visual and design trends. We create mood boards, which are like visual brainstorms, putting together images, colours, typography and graphical elements. These inspire us to produce a unique concept of how to visually communicate your brand.

The final product can be in the form of a logo, website layout, brochures, etc. Together we decide on final designs that work together as a visual experience of your brand.


Buzz can help with print and digital graphic design work



We do all print handling and setup. We have a recommended printer we work with or are happy to liaise with your printer.

  •  Logo design
  • Letterhead
  • Business card
  • DL flyers
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Appraisal booklets design
  • Pull up banners
  • Retail signage


  • Logo design
  • Email signature
  • Website layout
  • Style guide
  • E-news design including banners & newsletter layout
  • Presentations
  • Facebook – cover design, Facebook Ad design
  • Animations

Consider your logo carefully - do you need a new logo or are you ready to refresh? 

Making mistakes is avoidable if you get expert help and have an open mind. A designer who understands your customers and the problems you solve for them will be able to offer you relevant options, a neutral perspective and a balanced concept.

Logos should be fluid. This means they are able to be adapted to every marketing, advertising and promotional situation, anywhere you want your logo featured. Don't be stuck in a single version, some brand guidelines are too restrictive and this causes them to become outdated. Be flexible!

In our experience asking your friends and family for their opinion can backfire as they can find it difficult to be impartial and don't want to hurt your feelings. It's preferable to seek opinions and reactions from a sample of people in your target market. Everybody can make mistakes and learn from them but when it comes to creating a logo, mistakes are probably the first thing you want to avoid.

Here is a list of things to consider when designing a logo.  See original article.

  1. A sense of humour can be highly appreciated and memorable but you need to know where to draw a line.
  2. Consider the meaning of your design elements, let it reflect your company values.
  3. The font is important! Some are too basic and unmemorable, while other can be too fussy and difficult to read. 
  4. Too many fonts can look disorganised and distracting. 
  5. Never copy another company's logo, be unique. 
  6. Future proof design options with the right depth of colour and colour combinations. Also, choose colours that your target audience will relate to.
  7. Ask questions and take into consideration the advice of professionals.
  8. Always proof read logos and tag lines.
  9. A poor quality pixelated image in your logo will imply poor quality products or services. 
  10. An upgraded or refreshed logo should be similar, and connected to the existing logo.

Examples of refreshed logos we think are modernised, but remain true to the brand. 

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