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Use an expert for your copywriting. We can write your enewsletters, staff communications, website content, articles, checklists, audit reports, brochures & flyers.




What can we write for you?

A good piece of copywriting isn’t just defined by a lack of errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation; it’s writing that strikes a chord with your reader. When that reader is a current or potential customer, it’s important to get it right.  That's why we get to know your business and your ideal customer to produce effective copywriting that engages the reader, reflects the culture of our client’s business, is appropriate for the medium and gets the intended message across.


We can update the copywriting on your current website by:

  • Suggesting ideas to freshen up the design
  • Competitor analysis & keyword audit for SEO
  • Updating with professionally written content
  • Adding new pages & licensed images

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"People don't read ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it's an ad."

Advertising guru, Howard Gossage


Our copywriting expert, Michelle, says:Copywriting expert Michelle

"Research is key. At Buzz Marketing, we find out what our client wants to say, the result they are looking for and where the copywriting will be featured. We keep in mind the audience and how we want them to respond. We decide on the right tone; should it be casual, friendly, formal or professional?"


Search engines, such as Google, is the way most internet users find you.

If your website can’t be found or your content isn’t compatible with search engine databases, you are missing out on incredible opportunities. Therefore, SEO is used to increase the number of visitors to your website from search engines, by helping them figure out what each page is about and how relevant it is for users.

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