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How to...

promote a product or service!



So you have a great product or service… now what?

Many business owners ask us what they should be doing to get the word out about their products or services. Regardless of whether you're launching something brand new, or have a sales focus for the month, your basic to-do list to promote your product or service is similar.


 fa-check-square-o Your to-do list for the month

Update your website

Make sure your products and services are on your website. Include all the relevant information, compelling copy, attention grabbing images and a call to action.

Hold an event

Build some hype and generate sales with an event to showcase your product or service. Make sure you promote the event on your website, in store, on social media, through your e-newsletter and list it on some event websites. Invite collaborative partners to join the event and share the cost and spread the word to more networks. Larger events will be more enticing for potential sponsors. 

Post on your social media channels

Keep it short and use a great photo or video to grab attention. See our other tips for successful social media posts. If the product or service is new to your company, mention the reasons for choosing it specifically. Collect social proof like testimonials, endorsements and photos of success! Remember to post in many places like Google+, Google my business, LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Youtube, Vimeo and Snapchat.

Add a video

Video gets a lot of information across quickly. Use it to showcase your product or service and feature it on your website and social media channels. Use a slideshow, Facebook LIVE or GIF maker to add some dynamic interest to your communications.

Send an e-newsletter

Make sure to keep your customers in the loop. See our tips for creating a compelling e-newsletter. Design an invitation, asking your customers to experience your product or service. Always highlight the reasons your customer would benefit buying from you rather than a competitor. Don't just list the features, be different! 


Facebook advertising is extremely cost effective and you can set parameters in order to reach your target audience. See our case study of a successful campaign. Use the advertising medium that suits your audience; LinkedIn, Instagram, Messenger or AdWords are effective to the right customers. 

Have an action plan for your month!

At Buzz we carefully design promotional campaigns with a complete understanding of your message and target audience, without being wasteful of resources that your business can ill afford. 

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