Social media audit


Social media audit

Gain further ideas to use, expand your audience and increase engagement. 









Get an audit report to guide you

Is your business using social media? Do you know what is working and what to do next?

What's humming? We will assess your current social media:

  • identify strengths and weaknesses
  • look for opportunities 
  • suggest improvements
  • outline expectations 

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Receive a FREE audit report

Order a 12 month tailored timetable to assist your social media planning.

Create more buzz! Get the whole year planned for you:

  • includes social media audit
  • promotional campaigns
  • scheduling timetable for posts 
  • suggested creative ideas

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Let's make honey! Get the whole year managed for you:

  • designed promotional campaigns
  • scheduled effective posts 
  • creative advertising ideas
  • includes social media audit
  • includes schedule timetable for 12 months

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