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At Buzz Marketing we specialise in creating new content and invigorating existing websites.


Building a successful website

A website should feature information about your services & products.

The design should reflect your brand and have lots of options to host marketing promotions. We can give your business the opportunity to grow by increasing focus in online communication and digital marketing. 

Creating new webpages

Online connections between a company & potential consumers is critical.

Our belief is that websites should change regularly, like a shop front window or a magazine cover, drawing the attention of the visitor. When websites communicate relevant information to consumers, they are more likely to stop and take notice. 

We can update your current website by:

Allow your customers to shop online from your existing website or start fresh:

  • Tailor-made design & website construction
  • Personal service & professional copywriting
  • Integration with Paypal & customer friendly e-cart
  • Professional product photography can be arranged
  • Creating and managing Google Adwords 

Websites to engage new customers 

We focus on integrating an online awareness with the offline experience, this provides the opportunity to stimulate communication between providers and consumers. Even if your business has a retail store rather than an online store the emphasis for your marketing should be to encourage the right people to engage with your brand and buy your products.

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Websites also need to be designed for viewing on devices

Websites design for devices