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Buzz Marketing specialise in creating new content and invigorating existing websites.



Building a successful website

A website should feature information about your services & products.

The design should reflect your brand and have lots of options to host marketing promotions. We can give your business the opportunity to grow by increasing focus in online communication and digital marketing. 

If you want your website to work well, you need to know its purpose, set some priorities and have a plan. Buzz Marketing can help you.

A landing page is a a dedicated place for a visitor to ‘land’ when they click on a paid Google or social media advert.

You should have a landing page for each campaign, so the content is customised to the advert and you can track the success of the advertising.

Each landing page should include specific information that relates to the call to action from the advert. For example, if your advert has a 'learn more' button, the page should offer further information or advice on the featured topic. Over deliver on your advertised promise and offer further incentives to encourage a purchase, request a quote or leave contact details in exchange for a trial, free offer etc. This is called lead generation

Content is King!

A website needs to do more than act like a directory telling people how to find or contact you.

Your website can be a valuable marketing tool that attracts new visitors, generates new leads, engages with your customers and increases your sales. Most buyers use search engines, such as Google, to research a product, service or business before they make a purchase. In fact, BrightLocal's 2017 survey found 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017. While these results are from US-based consumers, we would expect to see similar behaviour in New Zealand.

New content pages and posts increase Google rankings as search engines will recognise when a website has new content with lots of keywords and phrases. Make sure to be strategic about new content -  if it isn’t compatible with the algorithms used by search engines, you're missing out on incredible opportunities.


Websites also need to be designed for viewing on mobile devices

Websites design for devices

We recommend adding new content to your website every month. Whether you want to develop your own content or you need us to create it, let's improve your website together. Contact Danni for expert advice and a plan of action.

What can be added to my website?

Websites should change regularly, like a shop front window or a magazine cover to attract attention not just from visitors, but from search engines.

Examples of new content:

  • Latest product releases
  • Testimonials
  • Events you've sponsored with links to the organisation
  • Case studies showcasing a variety of problems solved
  • Team success, awards, recognition and training
  • Industry events attended by the team
  • FAQs that answer relevant questions customers may have
  • Blog posts and articles relevant to your customer demographic
  • Guest blogs by experts on complimentary topics
  • Photo galleries
  • Videos – how to, info, Vlogs
  • Before and after images
  • Lead generation - checklists, downloads, info packs
  • Social media links, a feed and share buttons

We can update your current website by:


Allow your customers to shop online from your existing website or start fresh:

  • Tailor-made design & website construction
  • Personal service & professional copywriting
  • Integration with Paypal & customer friendly e-cart
  • Professional product photography can be arranged
  • Creating and managing Google Adwords

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"Danni and Michelle at Buzz Marketing are a pleasure to work with and they are really, really good at what they do. Combining all the technical know how of websites and rankings and SEO with well-considered design and copy. Thanks so much for all your hard work!"

Daniel Smithwood, IronOak Financial Services

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