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Unsure how to market your business? You are not alone, we help business owners achieve their goals! 

Let Buzz Marketing reduce your workload and provide marketing support tailored to meet your specific needs. We are available to assist small to medium-sized companies, from one-off consultancy projects, branding or promotional campaigns, through to customised monthly support.


We will help you communicate, innovate and grow! 


Share your expertise


Inspire your network


Lead your industry

Build a successful website

Your website should be a valuable promotional tool that attracts new visitors, generates new leads, engages with your customers and increases your sales. Updating your website with new content such us video, photography, blog posts improves the Google rankings and on-page SEO.  

Phone Danni on 021 777 700 to chat about strengthening your website.




Connect with your customers

Tell new customers about your business then stay connected with regular communication. The Buzz team can automate your sales leads and provide professional copywriting!  

Phone Michelle on 021 748 700 to chat about customer communication.



Effective social media campaigns really create a buzz!

Promotional campaigns are used to achieve a defined set of goals. For example, your business may wish to raise brand awareness, launch a product, increase your social media profile, drive traffic to your website or increase your rate of conversions and sales. A critical part of the advertising campaign is deciding on the theme or message that will be communicated in the promotional activities.