Branding is more than a logo!

Branding can be described as what your company does and how it behaves.

Your brand tells your customers what you stand for. Perhaps it’s quality, innovation, value for money, good business ethics, eco-friendly products or fantastic customer service.

Ideally branding should promote a strong connection with your customers and encourage loyalty. How both customers and prospects feel about your brand is determined not only by their experiences, but their perceptions. Some of these you are able to influence and others you can’t.

Buzz Marketing can help you define your brand and work with you so your brand remains consistent in all areas of your business. Staying focused on what your brand stands for will ensure your customers feel they can depend on your products or services and keep them coming back for more. Once you have a great plan then you can choose the perfect business name and logo, which is the visual representation of your brand.

Questions to help you define your brand:

  • What would you like clients to know about you?

  • What first impression would you like clients to have?

  • Which of your personal values do you bring to your work?

  • What do clients need from you in a practical and professional sense?

  • Do clients need emotional support from you?

  • What level of service can a client expect from you?

  • Consider what you offer a client that most others can’t.

  • What do other professionals do that you don’t like?

More questions:

  • Describe your current average client.

  • How do most clients feel when you first meet them?

  • Describe your preferred dream client.

  • Where do your preferred clients live or work?

  • How do you think your colleagues perceive you?

If you want to create professional opportunities with a strong business or personal brand, make sure to contact us.