What are Google Adverts?

People use Google to search

Products, services and information results include Google Ads paid for by businesses.

Of course Google Ads won't work for everyone. Businesses offering unique products or services that people haven't heard of, or that sell something people simply don’t search for, may end up wasting money on this type of advertising. Find out if your business would profit from Ads.

Google advertising is a great marketing tool for attracting potential customers.


Everyone uses Google to search! Google Ads entice qualified leads (people who are interested in your products and services and ready to buy) to your website. Since you're directly advertising to your target audience, they will hopefully dial your number or buy from your website.

More importantly, you're able to measure the success of each campaign. Detailed reports include the number of clicks your ads triggered, which keywords were most popular, how many new customers you acquired and so on. You certainly can’t do this with traditional marketing on radio or TV!

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Google Display Network

Display Network ads can help your business make a more lasting impression on people. You're able to use text, images or animated adverts to attract attention. Advertising on the Display Network gives you an opportunity to sell more products or services, build customer loyalty, engage with customers and increase your brand awareness.

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Google Remarketing

Another great option Google advertising offers is remarketing. This shows your ad to your target market if they’ve seen it before or visited your website but not purchased. For a fixed period of time, when your audience goes on particular Google affiliated websites, your ad will show up to remind them about your business, and hopefully prompt them to click through.

"People don't read ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it's an ad."

Advertising guru, Howard Gossage

Ensure you make the most of your Google ads budget

What you need to get started

Getting started with Google Ads is relatively straight forward. However, for your ads to be effective, you'll need to know the following:

  • What's your end goal? Do you need more leads, to increase sales on your e-commerce website or do you want to push your brand message?

  • Who is your target market and what do they search for?

  • Which of your products or services will be most popular?

  • Which geographic areas will you target?

You'll get the most from Google advertising if your campaign is set up by a specialist who knows all the ins and outs. However, this is just the first step; it's essential your campaign continues to be managed. Ongoing monitoring means your campaign can be adjusted to ensure it performs to its full potential.

A landing page is a a dedicated place for a visitor to ‘land’ when they click on your paid Google advert.

Having a landing page for each campaign means the content can be customised to the advert and you can track its success.

Include specific information that relates to the advert's call to action. For example, if it has a 'learn more' button, the page should offer further information or advice on the featured topic.

You'll also need a lead generation strategy. This is an incentive to encourage the visitor to make a purchase, request a quote or leave contact detailsin exchange for a trial, free offer etc.