Email Automation

So you’ve put in the work to attract people to your website and added lead generation opportunities to collect contact details.

What do you do with them now?

Using email automation, we can set up campaigns to nurture and engage your leads, build relationships and brand awareness, and increase your sales conversions.

How often do you email your database? For many businesses, the answer is probably not often enough. By setting up an email automation campaign, you can spend your time and marketing dollars in a more targeted and effective way.

Once a campaign is set up, your leads are contacted automatically - it’s efficient and simple!

Make your sales funnel more efficient

Auto email campaigns free up your time so you can focus on quality leads. By tracking open rates, click-through rates and actions customers take on your website, you can determine who are the most interested and engaged leads.

We can send different campaigns to different audiences. You may decide to segment your customers into retail and wholesale, according to the products or services they purchase or express interest in, or their geographical location.

So how does it work?

Auto emails take no more time to create than a regular email campaign, but have the added benefit of sending in response to a customer's action, an event or a date. For example, automations can be sent when someone:

  • is added to your database

  • fills in a form on your website

  • downloads content on your website

  • clicks on a link in an email

  • makes a purchase

  • abandons their shopping cart

  • hasn’t made a recent purchase

  • is due for an appointment

  • registers for an event

  • gives you a referral

  • has a birthday

In fact, the possibilities are endless!

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory

Lets come up with a plan

Buzz Marketing can help you find opportunities to save time, nurture sales leads and create more engaged customers.

We’ll work with you to determine which content you already have can be used in your auto-email campaigns, or can create new content that can be used for both your website and the campaigns.Phone Michelle directly on 021 748 700