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"We have been so fortunate to have chosen a great team to support us through our continued marketing activities.

I appreciate their insights and guidance to ensure we are getting our best bang for every marketing dollar. Thanks for making the marketing minefield so much easier to navigate!"

Amanda Chisholm, Director
My Smart Office and Qualitas Builders

Sign up now, and when you're ready to kickstart your new marketing journey, we'll be right there with a comprehensive onboarding process, tailored just for you.

Fixed price, perfect for your budget. Pick when you pay each month.

Project boards to add your ideas & keep a track of progress.

Customise your plan monthly. Mix regular tasks with new ideas.

Quick completion on time, we deliver all individual tasks weekly.

Designed for you, we create exclusively for your brand. You own it!

Quality control with direct contact to your own marketing guru.

Choose a plan with one flat marketing fee:

white and black wooden quote board
white and black wooden quote board

Pollen membership

Need regular marketing content for your business but don't have the time or expertise? We can help!

What's included:

  • Request new tasks, one at a time

  • Weekly delivery Mon-Fri

  • Schedule monthly tasks

  • Update your website

  • Any graphic design requirements

  • Engaging social media posts

  • Regular customer emails

  • SEO improvements & blog posts

  • Collaborate with us to get more ideas

*Our membership plans are invoiced on a date you pick per month. Let us know when suits you!


Members only offer:

Personalised marketing advice tailored just for you

person writing on a book
person writing on a book

1. Fast focus*

To-do lists: Check-in with an expert to achieve your business goals, 20mins of focused help.

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person writing on white paper
woman in black blazer using macbook
woman in black blazer using macbook

2. Smooth run*

3. Strategy ZOOM*

Get expert guidance to plan your month for smooth success and accountability, 30mins of help!

Ready to have an in depth focus on your business monthly? Discuss new ideas & opportunities, 60mins on ZOOM


  • Fresh ideas

  • Consistency

  • Scheduled monthly


  • Fresh ideas

  • Accountable plan

  • Scheduled monthly

  • Follow up planning email


  • Fresh directions

  • Discuss research

  • Step by step plan

  • Scheduled monthly

  • Follow up strategy email

*Currently our Planning Add-on options are available to Members only, our coaching is to help business growth with focused sales & marketing.