Inspiration for social media posts

30 ideas to add variety to your business social media pages

Your 30-Day Social Media Challenge: Use variety to boost post engagement

Start by picking one idea from the list, in no particular order - these ideas will work on most social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Challenge yourself to post at least three times a week and use this list to inspire you to include variety on your social media pages. Including hashtags will help people interested in your content to find you. Make sure to read our tips to avoid some common hashtag fails.

Check out our examples to see how vibrant your business posts can be, or if you need help crafting compelling posts, contact Michelle today.

30-day social media challenge for your small business

  • Take a photo to post about a recently sold product or a finished project. Describe the benefits from a customer’s perspective.

  • Highlight a review or testimonial from a customer. Include a photo or use a coloured background.

  • Recommend your favourite YouTube channel or one you’ve just discovered. Make sure to include the link.

  • Meet with a supplier or stockist and take an on-location photo. Talk about why you choose to work with them.

  • Feature a recent TED talk or video clip that you found interesting. Talk about why it appealed to you and include the link.

  • Add an album to display many photos from a project, product range or photoshoot.

  • Post a 'How to' or tutorial. Include photos, or even better, a video.

  • Link to an event you are interested in and ask if anyone is going.

  • Post a product or service photo. Mention the benefits and link to your website's landing page.

  • Lunch with people that inspire you. Take a selfie and check-in from the cafe or restaurant

  • Post a pet photo, meme or animal quote for fun.

  • Take a selfie in the office or your premises to show some of what happens behind the scenes.

  • Highlight a charity or organisation you're passionate about. Include a link and talk about how you support their objectives and encourage others to do the same.

  • Post a photo of the view out your window, the sunrise or sunset or your garden.

  • Post about your favourite app. Include the link and a screenshot or photo.

  • Ask people to review you on Google my Business. Make sure to include the link.

  • Tell everyone about a new skill or hobby you're learning. Ask them to share anything new they've learnt recently.

  • Introduce a new movie you are looking forward to seeing and link to the trailer.

  • Tell everyone about a new product or the latest service you provide and who it would benefit most. Include a link to your e-store or website for more information.

  • Promote your brand and its point of difference.

  • Support a local business. Include a photo and tag the business in your post.

  • Introduce a team member or share a client story.

  • Choose a favourite motivational quote to share.

  • Next country on your wish list with a photo of a landmark.

  • Take a selfie with a client or customer. You could even video them talking about your business.

  • Recommend a podcast and include your take on what's discussed.

  • Share a weekend activity you love! Add photo or video of the location.

  • Declutter one space in your home or office. Take a before and after pic.

  • Ask a research question to gain market insight about your industry.

  • Share a photo of your favourite drink, whether that's a coffee, cocktail or smoothie!

Wondering why you should include social media in your digital marketing strategy? Recent studies highlight the difficulties traditional media face in reaching the right audience with the right messages. Traditional demographics often pigeonhole people into age, gender and income brackets, leading to inflated advertising costs. Embrace social media and engage directly with your audience!

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