Free online directiories

If you’ve just had your first website built or have a new URL, now is the perfect time to update your social media and current listings.

With most consumers searching online, its crucial your business is listed in online directories

It’s not enough to have a website, people need to be able to find it. By listing your business in online directories, on maps and social media, you’ll help to improve your online visibility, increase your profile and improve your SEO.

The goal is to have more people visiting your website, which not only helps you get leads and referrals, but will also boost your Google ranking. This is because Google wants trustworthy and credible websites to perform well in its search results. One way it does this is by looking at social signals and listings on reputable directories.

Tips for managing your listings

Google research shows people are usually trying to find out where you are, when you’re open and what products or services you have.

  • Rather than doing new listings all at once, do 4-6 per month to optimise the benefit in your Google ranking

  • Have a folder with your bios, logos, business photos and profile pictures all in one place.

  • Keep a spreadsheet of listings, links, logins and passwords where you’ll be able to find it again!

  • Check and update your listings annually to ensure your information is up-to-date.

Where should I list my business?

There are many places where you can list your business for free including:

• Google My Business, Google+ and Google Maps - Local Guides (see video)
• LinkedIn - both your personal and business pages
• Social media eg. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
• Yellow
• Localist
• Finda
• Neighbourly
• Yelp
• Bing
• Community directories - search your area on Google
• Industry specific directories
• Suppliers and stockists lists
• Your networking groups or local business group such as BOB, BNI, Venus etc
• Business associations e.g. Chamber of Commerce
• Complementary business partners

If you need a local profile for your business, consider being a Local Guide for Google

By sharing reviews, photos, and knowledge on Google Maps as a Local Guide, you can help millions of people navigate the world. You’ll also earn points and unlock perks. Want to join? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.