How to...

Get referrals & sales leads

Create content that helps you get more sales leads

The content on your website and social media channels should appeal to your target market and attract potential buyers researching your products and services online. Use the to-do list below to help boost your sales leads and get the most out of the time and money you spend on marketing.

Your to-do list for the month

Add lead generation to your website

Your lead generation offer should appeal to your ideal customer and fit with your brand and goals. Get some inspiration from our ideas for lead generation.

Ask for reviews and testimonials

Online reviews are a powerful influence on consumers. In fact, a survey found 85% of consumers trust online reviews ´╗┐just as much as a personal recommendation.

Post on your social media channels

Your posts should be regular, engaging and varied. Find out which social media platforms your ideal customer is using. Encourage people to share to their pages and tag in friends.

Have an action plan for your month!

At Buzz we carefully design campaigns to generate sales leads with a complete understanding of your message and target audience, without being wasteful of resources that your business can ill afford.

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Follow up with automated emails

Email automation will help you nurture and engage your leads, build relationships and increase your sales conversions. Find out how it works.

Add a video testimonial

Ask a valued customer to share their story. Make sure they're well prepared by sending them the questions you'll ask in advance, and include our tips for presenters.

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory